To participate in the F400 Endurance racing series you will need your own kart and equipment.

The Chassis:
You will need either a CIK 100 type chassis. A used one will cost from R8000 upwards whilst a new one in the region of R40 000.00

The Engine
A Honda 390 engine with an engine seal is a available from SPORTSTAR Motorsport. Cost is around R6725

Gearing: Drive train
A complete belt drive system that consists of one rear pulley and one front plus a belt is compulsory. The cost is R3050.00


A comet clutch is used with special spacers and roller bearings. Costs are  included with the gearing

 Dunlop are the only tyres permitted at a cost of R1950.00 per set. Front tyres will last two to three events whilst the rear should last four. For 2010 Teams are restricted to the number of tyres used

Race Format:
The format varies but will consist of at least 4 hours of racing.

Entry fee:
R825.00 per event.

Age of drivers:
Drivers need to have attained the age of 15

Team Mates:
Teams consist of 2 to 4 drivers.

What else do I need?
- A complete tool set.
- Fuel container and funnel for the fuel stops.
- A kart trolley so you can work on the kart.
- Race gear including: Helmet, race suit, gloves and helmet.