Rental karts run during the week and on weekends with specific times on Sundays.

Kyalami Karting Circuit Practice Fees and Times - Sundays
Start End Class
09h30 09h40 Practice
09h40 09h50 Practice
09h50 10h00 Practice
10h00 10h15 Rental only
10h15 10h25 Practice
10h25 10h35 Practice
10h35 10h50 Rental only
10h50 11h00 Practice
11h00 11h10 Practice
11h10 11h25 Rental only
11h25 11h35 Practice
11h35 11h45 Practice
11h45 12h00 Rental only
12h00 12h10 Practice
12h10 12h20 Practice
12h20 12h35 Rental only
12h35 12h45 Practice
12h45 12h55 Practice
12h55 13h10 Rental only
13h10 13h20 Practice
13h20 13h40 Practice
13h40 16h00 Rental only
No variations are permitted
Rental Times are for rental karts ONLY as are practice times for clients karts only
Practice Fee: R200 from 09h30 to 13h40 - Karts may not go on the circuit
after this under ANY circumstance 

E&OE                                           ref 9.2.2009GW